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Developer claims anti-virus does not improve security

Anti-virus is bad, dead (again) and worse, its corpse is poisoning the ecosystem of good software.

There is, according to former Mozilla developer Robert O’Callahan, negligible evidence that anti-malware software produced by third-parties provides any additional security. His arguments have spread from his blog to Twitter and then to IT news websites like IT Pro and The Register.

Is anti-virus useless? Is it worth your time and possibly money?

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How well does your anti-virus really protect you?

Not equally well, is the short answer. Find out which anti-virus products are consistently the best. And how we help make anti-virus improvements.

Latest reports now online

Welcome to the final set of endpoint security tests for 2016. We’ve spent the entire year scanning the internet for prevalent threats that affect real people and exposing popular security products to those same threats in real-time.

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