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Cyber Security DE:CODED – Cyber Security First Principles

“A mugger can only attack one person at a time… cybercriminals can defraud thousands of people simultaneously.”

Show notes for series 1, episode 4

In this episode we describe cyber security first principles.

Why can’t we just lock everything up in a safe?

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3 ways to follow SE Labs

And Facebook isn’t one

3 ways to follow SE Labs

Updated 18th November, 2022: We no longer officially support Twitter

There are lots of ways that you can contact us, watch what we’re doing and keep up to date. But we’re stepping back from one so we can focus better on the others. Find out about the best 3 ways to follow SE Labs.

The 3 best ways to follow SE Labs

While we plan to continue maintaining a basic presence on Facebook, the best way to get the latest news, views and chat with us is to use one or more of the following three services.

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Cyber Security DE:CODED – Is Anti-Virus Dead?

“The claim that AV is dead is guaranteed to make headlines, which is why the claim is made so often”

Show notes for series 1, episode 3

Is anti-virus dead? A lot of people seem to think so, but they all have their reasons – some of which are more honest than others. We dig into the motives and passions behind this controversial question.

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Cyber Security DE:CODED – Official Cyber Security Advice

“Changing default settings, wildly and randomly, would achieve the tick”

Show notes for series 1, episode 2

Where can you get cyber security advice that you trust? Are certificates and Standards worthwhile and good value for money? We delve into the world of ‘official’ cyber security advice and give a balanced view on what we recommend.

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Cyber Security DE:CODED – How Attackers Attack

Show notes for series 1, episode 1 (How Attackers Attack)

How do attackers attack? Simon and Marc look at their tactics and explore options to help recognise and evade them. They examine social engineering in a cyber security and physical context. And the guys also explore technical exploits. At the end of this episode you will have a great overview of how attackers attack.

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Cyber Security DE:CODED – A new cyber security podcast

“Even executives have families and personal lives”

Show notes for series 1, trailer 1

We’re excited to announce De:Coded Cyber, our new cyber security podcast covering security for large businesses, budding CISOs and we recognise that executives are real people too, with families and personal lives.

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What does a breach look like?

Understand what a real hacking attack looks like to the attacker and defenders

breach visualisation

The IT security world is rocked by news of breach after breach, including the shocking disclosure of the SolarWinds attack. Data is stolen, deleted or corrupted and… well you know. It’s a total mess. Journalists focus on basic outcomes, while technical blogs look at esoteric technical details. We’ve explained, in laymen’s terms, what a breach looks like from an attacker’s point of view. And from the position of the defenders.

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Dive into cybersecurity

SE Labs CTO Stefan Dumitrascu offers some words of advice and encouragement to those considering a career in cybersecurity. And to those who may not think that they can do it!

considering a career in cybersecurity

Are you considering a career in cybersecurity? What does it take? A degree in computer science? A bag of certifications? A laptop full of stickers and a body full of tattoos and piercings? Depending on who you talk to, and which Twitter accounts you follow, you might believe you need all the above. But that’s not (necessarily) true.

Attacking the problem

At SE Labs we test security products by attacking through them, like real attackers. We are red-team testers, which means we must know how to behave like bad guys such as cybercriminals. And as our business grows we need to find people to join us.

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