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Cyber Security DE:CODED – Firewall speeds and VPN risks

“If they are not getting any money from you, then where are they getting the money from?”

Show notes for series 2, episode 2

Is your firewall as fast as you think? What does XDR mean and how does it work? Do you need a personal VPN?

We talk to Brian Monkman (NetSecOPEN), Chad Skipper (VMware), Luis Corrons (Avast) and Daniel Cuthbert.

This episode’s Security Life Hack from Dennis Batchelder (AppEsteem)!

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Scoring Email Security Services

How seriously do you take the email threat?

Cyber criminals often use email as a way to start an attack. According to many sources email is by far the most common way that attackers try to gain access to your business and personal systems.

The UK government’s Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2022 reported that email phishing alone accounts for 83% of attacks.

Email cyber threat

But we all know that, don’t we? Because organisations, large and small, receive thousands of general and more targeted email threats every year.

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