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Cyber Security DE:CODED – Cloud security

“As long as anything is online, it’s open for strangers to try to break protection”

Show notes for series 2, episode 4

The ‘cloud’ is integrating with our lives at ever more useful (or intrusive!) levels. We look at what securing the cloud means in the real world.

Is it possible to secure your online life when you don’t control all of the systems in use?

Is anyone testing cloud security, or do we simply need to accept marketing claims?

Don’t lose your cryptocurrency to hackers and scammers. Our security tips focus on cryptocurrency investors.

What does a personal hack attack look like? Backups never seems more attractive…

Guests on this month’s Cyber Security DE:CODED podcast include Eugene Kaspersky (Kaspersky) and Luis Corrons (Avast).

Security Life Hack from Chad Skipper (VMware)!

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Educating cyber security’s next generation

LEVEL:UP Security Education by SE Labs.

SE Labs takes a central role in understanding and assessing IT security. We use our unique position to help guide young people into the cybersecurity world. This year we started running our school’s Cyber Security Week course.

Setting a path to cybersecurity

We have already spoken in the past about the rather fluid manner of getting into cybersecurity. There is no specific, necessary pathway to begin a career in the industry. In many cases attempting to take what some see as the obvious path has problems. We want to help start educating cybersecurity’s next generation.

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Which anti-virus?

Everyone tells you that you need it, but which one?

Classic cybersecurity advice always includes a plea to, “install anti-virus” or “use endpoint protection software”. Journalists, bloggers and even governments hand this information out, as if it helps. Most platforms, including Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS, include anti-virus so the question then becomes, “which anti-virus?”

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