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Employee Spotlight – Jeremiah Morgan

We spoke to Senior Security Analyst, Jeremiah Morgan


For this month’s employee spotlight piece, we spoke to Senior Security Analyst and Shaolin enthusiast, Jeremiah Morgan.

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Top five antivirus myths busted

And why do we still believe them?

Top five antivirus myths busted

Anti-virus, or endpoint security plays an essential part in protecting Windows PCs. Whether you are working in the world’s largest enterprise, or using a small personal laptop, you need a last line of defence against attacks that use malicious code to steal or damage your data.

Are you a believer?

Some people have doubts about how useful anti-virus can be. Their opinions might be out of date, or they might believe marketing claims designed to push new products and discredit the competition.

At SE Labs we test endpoint security all the time, so we know what’s true and what belongs in the post-truth world. Here are the top five antivirus myths, busted!

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Early protection systems

Can EDR really stop advanced targeted attacks?

Early protection systems

SE Labs tested Coronet Cyber Security Coro against a range of hacking attacks designed to compromise systems and penetrate target networks in the same way as criminals and other attackers breach systems and networks.

Full attack chain EDR test

There are many opportunities to spot and stop attackers. Products can detect them when attackers send phishing emails to targets. Or later, when other emails contain links to malicious code. Some kick into action when malware enters the system. Others sit up and notice when the attackers exhibit bad behaviour on the network.

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