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We are dedicated to improving cyber security through honest product and service assessments.

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Advancing cyber security products through rigorous assessment

We are dedicated to advancing cyber security through meticulous assessment of products and services engineered to detect and thwart cyber attacks. Our testing encompasses a diverse array of solutions, spanning endpoint software, network appliances, and cloud services. Renowned for our technically precise and relevant evaluations, we conduct tests with unwavering integrity. We offer both private testing services and publish public reports, continuously pioneering innovative approaches. SE Labs leads the industry with next-generation testing methodologies, utilising a comprehensive, full-stack approach bolstered by meticulous threat intelligence. Our world-class testing capabilities enable us to assess endpoint, appliance, and cloud-based products and services for targeted attack detection, protection, and response.

Meet the team

Simon Edwards

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Marc Briggs

Chief Operating Officer

Stefan Dumitrascu

Chief Technology Officer

Magdalena Jurenko

Chief Human Resources Officer

Janice Sheridan

Marketing Manager

Thomas Bean

Enterprise Advanced Security Project Lead

Joseph Pike

Email Security Services Test Lead

Nikki Albesa

Endpoint Security Test Lead

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26 March 2025 – 09:00

The C2

The-C2 is an exclusive, invite-only threat intelligence event that connects multinational business executives with the cutting edge of the cyber security industry.

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