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The-C2 Threat Intelligence Conference

Invite-only conference for cyber security leaders

A Guide to Fortifying Cyber Defence

Following cyber security best practices is not enough. Excellence in the face of ever-evolving adversaries requires a proactive and strategic approach combined with a solid understanding of cyber threat intelligence. The-C2 conference is the key event in this area.

Why The-C2 conference should be on your professional calendar

The-C2 threat intelligence conference is a gathering of industry leaders, security professionals and seasoned experts.

Find out more about the spirit of The-C2; explore what to expect from this cyber security community; and make a compelling case for why your senior security executives should consider it an indispensable part of their professional calendar.

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3 ways attackers bypass Multi-Factor Authentication

And 3 ways to stop them.

bypass Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is much more popular than it used to be. It’s easy to use and the enhanced security that it provides is supported by many services. But it’s not bulletproof. It is possible to bypass Multi-Factor Authentication.

How to get past the best security measures since the password was invented

The proliferation of mobile devices that support MFA in various different ways has helped make it a convenient option for users and life much harder for attackers, who need to develop ways to get around it. So, of course, they do.

In this report we examine how attackers manage to bypass Multi-Factor Authentication, a security measure that seems rock solid on the face of it.

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Cyber Security DE:CODED Series Two

All episodes of Cyber Security DE:CODED, Series Two

New episodes on the last Wednesday of the month.

Find all of the episodes from the award-winning Cyber Security DE:CODED podcast in one handy place.

Find all of the episodes from Cyber Security DE:CODED Series Two here. Use the Subscribe links above to connect our podcast with your favourite podcast platform and ensure you get the next episodes before anyone else.


Bonus episodes

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Cyber Security DE:CODED – Full attack chain testing

“Because we test realistically, sometimes bad guys come onto our test network and mess with us”

Show notes for series 2, episode 9 (final episode of series 2)

What is the attack chain? Why is it good to test using full attack chains? And what are some of the alternative approaches, with their pros and cons? We’ll try to answer all of these questions and more in this special presentation episode recorded at the AVAR conference in Singapore in December 2022.

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Cyber Security DE:CODED – Cheating in security testing

“If they chose the best products by rolling a dice then they should say so”

Show notes for series 2, episode 8

If we’ve given the impression that we’re at the heart of the security world, working with the organisations that spend billions on security – and with the companies that make billions by selling security products – you’d be right. And that puts us in an awkward position. Because we want to make security better for everyone. And sometimes that means speaking some uncomfortable truths.

This episode is the uncomfortable truth episode.

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Cyber Security DE:CODED – Security opportunities for Managed Service Providers

“Every SMB is an expert in something. A passion. It’s probably not anti-virus…”

Show notes for series 2, episode 7

Small business and Managed Service Provider special!

  • Do small businesses face the same cyber threats as large organisations?
  • Are your security solutions 100% effective? And how do you pick a good one?
  • Where are the opportunities for MSPs to add value and make more money?

In June 2022*, we set up a panel of security experts to help and advise companies selling managed security services. Managed Service Providers (MSPs) need to choose a set of security solutions that they can use or possibly resell to their small business clients, known as SMBs.

The clients face the same cyber threats as large organisations, but they’re far less equipped to handle them.

We answer all of these questions and more with special guests Martin Lee from Cisco, Chad Skipper from VMware, and Luis Corrons from Avast.

Security Life Hack from John Hawes (AMTSO)!

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Cyber Security DE:CODED – Ransomware

“There’s usually about 30% corruption in backups”

Show notes for series 2, episode 5

Ransomware is feared by businesses all over the world. What happens during and after an attack? We give a unique insight into the experiences of ransomware victims.

How do organisations react to a ransomware attack?

We examine the grey area between good and bad apps.

Guests on this month’s Cyber Security DE:CODED podcast include Jeremy Kirk (The Ransomware Files) and Dennis Batchelder (AppEsteem).

Security Life Hack from Brian Monkman (NetSecOPEN)!

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Cyber Security DE:CODED – Cloud security

“As long as anything is online, it’s open for strangers to try to break protection”

Show notes for series 2, episode 4

The ‘cloud’ is integrating with our lives at ever more useful (or intrusive!) levels. We look at what securing the cloud means in the real world.

Is it possible to secure your online life when you don’t control all of the systems in use?

Is anyone testing cloud security, or do we simply need to accept marketing claims?

Don’t lose your cryptocurrency to hackers and scammers. Our security tips focus on cryptocurrency investors.

What does a personal hack attack look like? Backups never seems more attractive…

Guests on this month’s Cyber Security DE:CODED podcast include Eugene Kaspersky (Kaspersky) and Luis Corrons (Avast).

Security Life Hack from Chad Skipper (VMware)!

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Endpoint detection compared

We compare endpoint security products directly using real, major threats.

Endpoint Detection Compared

Welcome to the first edition of the Enterprise Advanced Security test that compares different endpoint security products directly. We look at how they handle the major threats that face all businesses, from the Global 100, down to medium enterprises. And most likely small businesses, too.

Choose the best enterprise endpoint security solution

We give an overall score but also dig down into the details that your security team will care about. This report explains the different levels of coverage that these products provide.

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Cyber Security DE:CODED – Testing like hackers

“When it’s not a pay-to-play test that’s behind the curtain…”

Show notes for series 2, episode 3

What does it mean to test like a hacker? Can a well-intentioned tester behave the same as a real cybercriminal?

When you’re looking for a good security test, how can you tell the useful from the misleading?

Our email accounts sit at the centre of our digital lives. We look at ways to bullet-proof your most important internet account.

We discuss these questions, and more, with Frank Duff (ex-MITRE, now Tidal Cyber), Mike Sentonas (CrowdStrike) and Siggi Stefnisson (Avast).

Security Life Hack from Daniel Cuthbert!

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