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Realistic attacks for useful results

Critical Endpoint Protection Evaluations

Realistic attacks for useful results

Endpoint protection is a critical component of any organisation’s cybersecurity strategy. And if it’s critical then you should test it and additionally, have others run assessments too.

How we test endpoint protection products

Testing endpoint protection involves evaluating the effectiveness of the security solutions that are deployed on endpoint devices such as desktops, laptops and mobile devices. Endpoint protection testing is necessary because endpoints are often the target of cyberattacks and can be used as a gateway to gain access to sensitive data.

SE Labs has extensive experience in endpoint protection testing, and so, we have found that it is essential to conduct these tests regularly to ensure that the security vendors are keeping them up-to-date and effective. Our testing methodology involves replicating real-world cyberattack scenarios and evaluating how well the endpoint security solutions performed in detecting, preventing, and mitigating those attacks.

Realistic attack scenarios

One of the key aspects of endpoint protection testing is the use of realistic attack scenarios, furthermore, our team of experts analyses the latest threat intelligence and creates attack scenarios that closely mimic the tactics, techniques, and procedures used by real-world cybercriminals. And so, we can determine how well the endpoint security solutions perform in detecting and preventing these attacks.

Improving the cybersecurity landscape

At SE Labs, we are committed to helping organisations improve their cybersecurity posture by providing comprehensive and realistic endpoint protection testing services. This report is the first step when considering which products to use. For more in-depth testing, please get in touch for a more bespoke experience.

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