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At SE Labs, we specialise in rigorous testing of cyber security products, dedicated to ensuring that each solution not only meets industry standards but excels in protecting customers against evolving threats.

At SE Labs, we don’t just test cyber security products; we champion excellence.

We assess security products to check that they do what they say they will. Our assessments are available for products at pre- and post-production stages. We also work with partners to continually monitor a product’s performance through its life cycle. Our certification programme helps established and new vendors integrate with the global security industry.

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In the fiercely competitive cyber security landscape, companies grapple with the challenge of differentiating their products, gaining trust, and proving efficacy. The struggle is not only about meeting industry standards but standing out in a crowded market where customer trust is paramount.


Through rigorous testing and evaluation, SE Labs ensure that your product not only meets but exceeds industry standards. Our transparent and respected certification becomes a powerful endorsement, instilling confidence in customers and setting your product apart from the competition.

What do we test?

We test security products that are designed to protect endpoints, networks and mobile services. This includes cloud-based protection services, Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) applications, anti-virus solutions, firewalls and Intrusion Detection and Protection Systems (IDS/IPS/NDR).

How do we test?

All of our testing methodologies, and details of the targeted attacks that we run, are available in the Reviewers Guide.

Public vs private testing

Our public reports show potential clients how your products compare with the competition. Arguably more importantly, they also show how they handle adversaries. Private testing is available to validate a product’s abilities to private clients or potential investors. You can also used it to prepare for third-party testing such as MITRE’s ATT&CK tests. Our tests are technically accurate and relevant, and are conducted with the utmost integrity.

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Knowledge and analysis combined with lab results

We specialise in providing consultancy on security product effectiveness. Our oversight of the threat landscape and the security market is invaluable in helping you really understand the strengths and weaknesses of your product. Our analysis uniquely combines deep knowledge of threats, products and lab work.

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Expert advisory aservices to cyber security vendors worldwide

At SE Labs, we specialise in comprehensive evaluation, validation, and quality assurance services for cyber security companies worldwide. Renowned for our rigorous testing methodologies, we ensure that security vendors deliver on their promises. Our assessments cover both pre- and post-production stages, providing valuable insights to optimise product performance. Additionally, our certification programme sets industry standards, enhancing vendor credibility and facilitating global integration. Partner with us for strategic guidance and unparalleled protection for your customers


At SE Labs, we rigorously test a wide range of security products meticulously designed to safeguard endpoints, networks, and mobile services. Our evaluations cover:

Cloud-Based Protection Services

Assessing the effectiveness of cloud-based security solutions in defending against modern cyber threats.

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) Applications

Evaluating the capabilities of EDR applications in detecting and responding to advanced threats targeting endpoints.

Anti-Virus Solutions

Testing the reliability and efficiency of anti-virus software in detecting and mitigating malware and other malicious activities


Evaluating the performance and effectiveness of firewalls in protecting network traffic and preventing unauthorised access.

Intrusion Detection and Protection Systems (IDS/IPS/NDR)

Assessing the capabilities of IDS, IPS, and Network Detection and Response (NDR) systems in detecting and mitigating network-based threats. Our comprehensive testing methodology ensures that security products meet the highest standards of performance, reliability, and effectiveness in defending against evolving cyber threats.


Empower you team with expert training

Empower your team to independently test and validate your products with comprehensive training from SE Labs. Our tailored programmes will equip your team with the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to ensure your products meet and exceed market standards. Our specialised training programs are meticulously tailored to meet the unique technical requirements and challenges faced by cyber security vendors. Whether your team is focused on developing next-generation endpoint protection solutions, cloud security platforms, or intrusion detection systems, our training equips them to conduct their own testing, ensuring the product is the best it can be.

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