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SE Labs’ Investor Intelligence Insights (i3) programme offers support to investors with an interest in cyber security.

Start-up companies try to solve problems.

Start-up companies try to solve problems. Sometimes they provide solutions for problems that don’t exist, and sometimes their solutions don’t work. Due diligence is important to avoid both situations, but it’s hard to do thoroughly, particularly in areas where there’s not a great deal of real expertise. How do you know if a cyber security start-up is going to bring in great returns when even the largest security firms don’t fully understand the threats that users face?

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Smoke and mirrors within the cyber security industry


The cyber security world is dripping in snake oil. Some of the security companies known to have performed very well are based on technologies that don’t function anywhere as effectively as they claim. If you just look at the numbers you might say, “well, who cares? They sold their snake oil effectively and paid their investors!”


Solution: Leveraging SE Labs’ Extensive Industry Connections


SE Labs boasts extensive and deep-reaching connections within the cybersecurity industry. We have a dedicated team that collaborates with both major and emerging security brands. Many of these companies have successfully transitioned from start-ups to significant acquisitions during our partnerships, highlighting the trust and reliability we bring to the table. Our rigorous testing and industry insights help expose and eliminate ineffective technologies, ensuring only the most robust solutions protect our customers.

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