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The-C2 Threat Intelligence Conference


Invite-only conference for cyber security leaders

A Guide to Fortifying Cyber Defence

Following cyber security best practices is not enough. Excellence in the face of ever-evolving adversaries requires a proactive and strategic approach combined with a solid understanding of cyber threat intelligence. The-C2 conference is the key event in this area.

Why The-C2 conference should be on your professional calendar

The-C2 threat intelligence conference is a gathering of industry leaders, security professionals and seasoned experts.

Find out more about the spirit of The-C2; explore what to expect from this cyber security community; and make a compelling case for why your senior security executives should consider it an indispensable part of their professional calendar.

Understanding The-C2 threat intelligence conference

The-C2 threat intelligence conference stands ahead in the cyber security domain. It is a congregation of individually-invited cooperative minds dedicated to deciphering the intricate world of cyber threats. The ‘C2’ in its name is an abbreviation for ‘Command and Control’, reflecting the essence of the conference as a central hub in which intelligence, strategies, and innovations converge to empower organisations against the relentless onslaught of cyber adversaries.

What to expect at the conference
  • Cutting-edge keynote sessions
  • Interactive panel discussions
  • Networking opportunities
  • Threat intelligence sharing circles
  • Policy and regulatory insights
Cutting-edge keynote sessions

The conference starts with keynote sessions delivered by true industry leaders and cyber security experts. These sessions set the tone for the event, offering insights into the latest trends, emerging threats and strategic imperatives for those responsible to providing the security for their organisations.

Speakers share real-world experiences, providing attendees with a holistic view of the cyber security landscape.

Interactive panel discussions

The conference fosters collaborative discussions through interactive panel sessions in which experts engage in thought-provoking dialogues. Panels delve into pressing issues such as the evolving threat landscape, the impact of emerging technologies, and the role of threat intelligence in shaping cyber security policies.

These discussions provide a platform for senior security executives to exchange ideas and best practices with their peers.

Networking opportunities

The-C2 isn’t just about absorbing information. It is a community that enables connections and collaborations to thrive. Attendees have ample opportunities to network with industry leaders, fellow professionals and experts in the field of cyber security threat intelligence.

Informal discussions, networking events and collaborative sessions contribute to building a robust network of cyber security professionals.

Threat intelligence sharing circles

The conference encourages the formation of informal threat intelligence sharing circles. These impromptu sessions provide a space for attendees to exchange real-time intelligence, discuss recent incidents and share insights into emerging threats between trusted peers.

For senior security executives, these circles offer a unique perspective into the global threat landscape and enhance their ability to make informed decisions.

Policy and regulatory insights

As the cyber security landscape becomes increasingly regulated, staying abreast of policies and compliance requirements is critical. The conference addresses the complex intersection of cyber security and regulations, providing insights into current and upcoming regulatory frameworks.

Those taking part will gain a strategic understanding of how to align their cyber security practices with legal and compliance requirements.

Why senior security executives should attend
  • Strategic vision
  • Informed decision-making
  • Networking and collaboration
  • Exposure to emerging technologies
  • Regulatory compliance and policy alignment
Strategic vision

Senior security executives need more than tactical knowledge of cyber threats. They require a strategic vision to lead their organisations through the dynamic cyber landscape. The-C2 conference offers a panoramic view of the cyber security ecosystem, enabling executives to align their strategies with industry trends and emerging threats.

Informed decision-making

In the rapidly evolving world of cyber security, decisions must be rooted in real-time intelligence. The-C2 conference equips attendees with the latest insights, enabling them to make informed decisions that mitigate risks, enhance resilience and align with their organisations’ broader business goals.

Networking and collaboration

The networking opportunities at The-C2 are extensive. The individually-invited delegates engage with peers, industry leaders and solution providers, fostering collaborations that extend beyond the conference walls. These connections are invaluable for staying abreast of industry developments, sharing best practices and building a robust professional network throughout a career.

Exposure to emerging technologies

The opportunity to hear from the security vendors’ threat development departments offers those attending a first-hand look at the cutting-edge technologies shaping the future of cyber security. By exploring innovative solutions, executives can understand how these technologies could be integrated into their organisations’ security architecture to stay ahead of evolving threats.

Regulatory compliance and policy alignment

The-C2 conference provides deep insights into the ever-changing landscape of cyber security regulations. Senior security executives can gain clarity on compliance requirements, ensuring that their organisations not only meet regulatory standards but also adopt proactive approaches to cyber security governance.


The-C2 threat intelligence conference stands as a beacon for security leaders navigating the complexities of the cyber realm. It is more than an event. It is a strategic investment in knowledge, collaboration and innovation. By attending The-C2, those attending not only stay ahead of the curve in cyber threat knowledge but actively contribute to fortifying their organisations against the evolving threat landscape.

The dynamic combination of insightful sessions, hands-on experiences, networking opportunities and exposure to cutting-edge industry developments positions The-C2 conference as an indispensable resource for those entrusted with safeguarding their organisations’ digital assets. In the ever-shifting landscape of cyber security, The-C2 threat intelligence conference is a compass guiding those responsible towards resilience, adaptability and strategic excellence.

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